Print Advertising

Financial Architects

The message was “we do real estate financing.” So what else is new? While freelancing at Bodden Partners, I proposed a tag line and a look (with the help of art director Joyce Pedretti) that would appropriately set Pruudential apart from other real estate financing companies.


Prudential Real Estate

The charm of Long Island’s North Fork is that—unlike theSouth Fork Hamptons—this is still mostly rural land. The challenge was to say “rural” in an interesting way. My solution: I simply listed the local crops and then commented, “It’s not a recipe. It’s the North Fork.” Bill Wozar of Bodden Partners art directed.


American Zionist Organization

With political propaganda giving “Zionism” some negative overtones, the  challenge was to offer a friendly definition of Zionism, while connecting it to the reader’s own interests. My solution point out that “Zionism” is simply support of Israel. If you do that, you’re a Zionist hero. Naomi Burstein of Burstein/Max Design art directed.