Business Journalism

Business profiles

Retail Traffic magazine used me to do a number of short profiles of retail real estate movers and shakers, like this one. I have a way of teasing out what’s interesting about almost any business person, in any business, from real estate to cigar manufacturing.


e-Healthcare Strategy & Trends

Sometimes you start writing a story about hospital advertising and end up threading your way through a tangle of state politics. This was the case when I began writing about a hospital advertising campaign launched when Minnesota’s Governor Tim Pawlenty slashed a state teaching hospital’s budget. The result: a story for e-Healthcare Strategy & Trends that discussed both marketing ingenuity and a governor’s ruthless budget cutting.


Advertising Columns for Strategic Healthcare Marketing

I regularly write case history stories about interesting hospital advertising campaigns for this publication, which is aimed primarily at hospital marketers who have to stretch small budgets. The articles each tell a story, but they also  instruct readers.


Strategic Healthcare Marketing David & Goliath Story

Instead of a ho-hum report on an advertising campaign, this became a narrative story with lessons for other hospital marketers.