Direct Mail

Free Inquiry Magazine subscription solicitation

Potential subscribers to this secular magazine were folks we knew would be entertained, not off-put, by tongue-in-cheek threats that they'd go to hell for subscribing.  And boy, did they ever subscribe! In droves.   Designed in-house from my copywriter's roughs.


“Sue the bastards” subscription solicitation

This direct mail package follows a simple formula. 1. Scare ‘em. 2. Offer a solution to what they’re scared of. It works almost every time.


“Eight hints” subscription solicitation

This successful direct mail package is another that follows the first scare’em, then offer a solution formula. But in this case, the brochure offered some snippets of the solution to whet the potential subscribers’ appetites. It was a control for quite a few months.


Response Shop Postcard

Nothing’s quite as flattering as having an ad agency for which you do direct response work ask you do to their own direct response work—as with this direct mail postcard for The Response Shop in San Diego, CA. CEO Marla Hoskins, who also runs a great business called “Testimonial Wrangler” wrangled the testimonials for me.


Ergonomics Subscription Solicitation

With OSHA expanding its oversight beyond industrial accidents to things like carpal tunnel syndrome, Clement Communications launched The Supervisor’s Guide To Ergonomics. This direct mail package made a strong case for subscribing.


Oxford Club, The 10 Percent Solution

The Oxford Club gives its member subscribers useful investment recommendations. Years of experience have taught the marketers there to believe in very long copy. This 16 page letter on investing was only “medium length” for them and came with additional flyers and a reply form (not shown.)