Radio and TV spots

UN Mugger
UN Simple Hard
AT&T 1 Line Watts

Reynolds Handivac DRTV

I won my first Bronze Lion in 1967 for a TV spot in which a couple danced a pas de deux while squirting body powder at each other. This ain't it.These days, I write attention-getting, hard-sell DRTV (mostly through The Response Shop) that moves products and makes the phones ring at call centers. Like this 2-minute spot.

Years ago, spots costing hundreds of thousands of dollars were commonplace. Currently, advertisers watch every penny and carefully track sales per dollar spent on direct response TV. So cost-effectiveness is the name of the game. I developed this concept for The Response Shop. Limited animation and a lot of graphic charm enabled the Response Shop’s Marla Hoskins to produce the whole shebang for less than mid-five figures.


But wait, there's more! I've done DRTV for insurance companies, the AARP, and high tech consumer applications from a web fax service to a cheap airline ticket website. Ask me about getting the traffic moving to your website.